Last project – week 3

The editing part both professors advise me to play the reflection in the video and see what I can get out of it, for example 2 lights reflecting then 3 then 4. or stars from 1 .

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 9.16.40 AM
there suggestion helped to think of breaking the system .For example the mirroring happens not in the middle of the screen and this was a sketch and I liked the experimentation part of it.

I tried the mirror effect as well from premiere but it gave awkward results as it reflects from an angel.


Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 11.50.16 AM

I tried Ocean Sound background which sounded weird, completely not related but I read that actually David Lynch used weird sounds that juxtaposes his videos, like using the sound of bottom of the ocean.

I looked for some more and a found horror choir sound track on Youtube and it matched my video perfectly.

I changed the color of my video to black and white because some trees looked Greeny more than the other and some lights were stronger then others I just felt the making it black and white will unify it. I could have edited them to have same Hue but I also felt that black and white helps more to abstract the video. which is my intention. I wanted to explore the ambiguity of objects when they became parallel to each other as they create abstract shapes that might take you a while to figure out what they are.




Last Project – week 2

David Lynch had an interesting short film called Alphabet movie in which he used the mirrored technique and that reminded me of DARK series intro.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 9.19.13 PMScreen Shot 2018-04-10 at 9.19.21 PM

and his movie remined me of Dark series intro which fascinated me the first time I saw it!

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 9.21.38 PMScreen Shot 2018-04-10 at 9.21.42 PM

That got me interested to try and film and see if I can do something similar , I don’t have an actual idea yet, but I was not sure which idea I’m interested more on.

so I checked my list again and found myself interested the most in 2
The first was Take on me song hahaha I really like the 80s songs and videos and I thought I can make one like it .
I took some clips and the idea for it was that your clothes changes based on the music you listened to .

The idea was cool but filming it is really difficult and making it to look cool the way you imagined is almost impossible if you don’t have background about filming.

At the same time I went to the park and I gave the mirror idea a shot too . I took three clips and tried to do edit them in premiere buy duplicating the video , flipping it horizontally and the crop it from the middle so it looked mirrored. I showed to law and obviously liked this video more because the first really needed a lot of work :/ and I liked it to because I’m fond of Dark series intro and it’s cool to have something similar 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 9.14.42 AM

the second critique I had few more clips but each clip was too long so I was advised to shorten the clips and add more and go around to try find different designs of lights, which what I did. I went to the oxygen park and walked around QF and smoking area in VCU and I went to the parks that were near my our house area.

The only difficult part was that you go to entire new area but ending up taking 4 seconds clip because the whole park will have one kind of lights, however I was able to finish one 30 second video .

Last project – week 1

We are working on this video project that called interstitials which means (in between) something that is short but conveys an idea.
we had to research these artists and directors to find inspirations from there short films such:
Andy warhol
David Lynch
Chris Marker
Stan Brakhage
michel gondry
liquid television

I thought in the beginning that we can make a proper short film, like music video 😀 but things got complicated, and I realized that I didn’t get the project really, when the professor says the maximum and the minimun is 30 second, meaning that we can make something that is 2 min long but each 30 second should function by it’s own ..
Well that ruined our group idea, and we had to split up 😦

These are all the Ideas that I thought about:
Idea 1:
Open doors DayDreaming , short film
Idea 2:
Take on me video clip 😀 , drawing over a video
Idea 3:
filming annoying stuff, people falling.
Idea 4:
short film, songs and styles, you play music and your out fit changes.
Idea 5:
textile over video
Idea 6:
filming Ordinary stuff, cleaning glasses, the sound of the board.
Idea 7:
how you see people differently scene , short film (people wearing weird stuff while in reality they are ordinary.
Idea 8:
a dream within a dream
Idea 9:
A fashion statement video
Idea 10:
mirrored videos

Zine – week 3

All my zine pages I chose them to be colorful, one blue, one pink, to work with the monotones images and the rest were shades of paige, yellowish, white pages, which reflects the surface of the building of Yemen.

when I actually started to get into it, There were many happy mistakes that helped my zine to look Nice.

when I was cutting the images to glow them in my zine I noticed the left over papers and it gave me the idea of reusing it in another page with another image, as it looked like a polaroid frame.

Also right after that I thought of using an image inside an image and I felt like it’s going really well with my style.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 11.45.17 PM

Adding to the rectangular cuts that I made in one of the spreads the cuts and the frames all share sharp edges.

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 12.20.36 AM.png

So I had to seek for advice, I showed to Latifa Alkwari and Hind, explaining to them the relation between my images and the frames. I had some manipulated images that don’t have proper edges, it came to my mind to cut half page organically so it matches the mood of these images and I discussed that with Latifa and she pointed out on a good idea that organic cut can represent the unexpected nature that surrounds the fixed buildings. I liked the concept and I felt like it’s also shows more than that, it shows the humanity, the people who are behind the making of the buildings and being very praised in the text as great builders.

through the zine I was using this poem that I found on an Instagram page. It really reflect my feelings towards Yemen, and I felt like that would be a strong evidence of portraying me in the zine.


I finished my zine, it was a hectic journey and I learned a lot from, its really cool when you work in collaboration with your hands and the computer and find such an interesting outcome, not only a natural shadow but the ideas that was visiting my mind when I was working with my hand, I felt like these things would never come across my mind if I was working on the computer, even if they are achievable by these devices.

The project was three weeks and the first week was used to collect sources and stuff, I felt like we didn’t have enough time as usual, I was late when I finished my main zine because it took me a while to figure out all the pages, I aimed that each page should look unique on it’s own, also I was working delicately with my master zine, it’s clean and I’m glad I did because I encountered another issues…

THE COLORS !! were really bad

the colures didn’t turn out well , the first time I scanned and I printed directly and the colors looked very bad the very light yellow images looked very Yellow.
and when edited them a bit everything was washed out

Printing them was a struggle and I learned that I shouldn’t print a colored paper on a white paper cuz it’s going to print it very bad.




I was tweaking the images and printing them to check the colors, I did that four times until I found a middle ground for my colors,  i tried photo copying it too cuz my friends had better colors when they tried it, but it didn’t work well with mine. But still It didn’t look as good as the original and I believe the reason was the paper colors, but that’s counts as a good learning experience. It’s good that I took care of my original copy so i can photograph it and put it in my website.




Zine – week 2

The next step was to find 3 articles about it and start collecting images.

Before I decided where I’m gonna go for the Nature or the architecture in Yemen I looked up for articles from the web and I borrowed books from VCUQ library. 3 books where about Yemeni architecture, 1 was for the silver Jewelry and 1 was Yemeni poems and 1 was about Yemen in general ( I returned the books and forgot to write there names D: )

Going through these books I decided to work with architecture of Yemen. Yemen is the main topic that I’m interested in currently these days, Because the war is still going on there and what only people see is destruction and that tires me a lot even if I wasn’t born and raised there. I wanted to show to my friends that Yemen is a different place from what they see on TV, how beautiful the place is. The architecture in Yemen is of the highest standards, the country is rich with heritage.

I wanted to shed alight on these nice architectural places in Yemen and give an information about Yemen to the people around me, maybe that would make people think more of Yemen knowing that this heritage might get lost. 

In the first critique I had the idea of making holes in the zine. I tried it and the critique was that it should have a purpose of it was there.

The second critique I came with drag and scan type, monotone images and we had to discuss the zine with our classmates as well to get their critique .



The Appeal :

The students actually didn’t get my zine becuase I had few images and text that time but they were interested in the visuals, they liked the drag and scan type, and the (zoom in) image style, which it helped to make variety of frames in the zine. However the colors of the images were not all consistent. some had black and red and the monotones were blues and purples. I decided to play with the hue of the Blue and Purple.

The Pacing :

The layout of Type was very simple, I needed to work more with the Rugs. But I knew my direction was going to be simple and very clear type in comparison with the stretched type in the front page and middle.

From looking at their zines I realized that I’m not a fan of sticking a white box that is filled with type over a colored background. I tried once and I hated it even more, so I kept in mind that I’m just going to print the text on the master page but I will cut and stick the rest.

I didn’t have enough spreads that day because I was caught up with the concept. How I want to make people get interested in yemen and love yemen. I felt that it is hard to maintain, like for example I can’t manipulate the images because they should be clear if I want to let people see them clearly, stuff like that. I started questioning everything I do wether it’s going to make people like Yemen or not and end up not do the work.

So I kind of changed the Idea to something else. I tried to manifest myself in the Zine, using specific design approaches that I mixed with my emotions towards Yemen.

Zine – week 1

We started a new project, the zine project :p and I’m very excited about it.

We started to look up zine designs, I found this cool blog in which I shared it with Latifa Alkuwari and together looked at some of the zines.


I liked the design of the is zine they used drag and scan method by hand to have the type to look like that and It is something I have explored before in my previous projects, and from my experience I felt it’s better to do it with hand than doing it in the computer.

However I didn’t decide right away that I want to use it because I needed to figure out what my topic will be about first.

I started with a this list :

1- absurdism

2- visual languages of qatar, authentic packaging and name signs
3- Nationalism, in which during class i learned that it had a different meaning in english than the meaning of it arabic or maybe the principles of the Arab Nationalism was not racist compared to the nationalists movements that happened somewhere else, because there goal was to unite the arab world after Sykes-Picot Agreement.

Last thing I was thinking about is doing something for Yemen. either Yemeni Nature or Yemeni architecture, but I’m sure that my zine will be on yemen.



Kinetic Type project – process

This project was my first attempt with kinetic type and I learned a lot from it.

  • I really wanted to make a good animation and because I wanted it to be perfect that made very slow and scared of making mistakes.
  • I watched loads of tutorials, but I didn’t apply all of them on my animation, some of them didn’t match, some of them were difficult to apply and the stress of time was stopping too, but I then I became more realistic when the due date was so close, I had to stop watching unnecessary videos and start making.
  • If i used my time wisely I would have shown many people my work and get there feedback to improve my video.
  • The final out come of our class was very nice to look at when I saw mine being projected to my classmates I wished I made it better, I sound like a person who think his work is crap but no, I really enjoyed this difficult experience and I and I think a lot of my classmates had great expectations.