Movie Poster Project


* The legend of 1900
* Paprika
* the usual suspects

the beginning :
* lots of matching scene transition , in the detective dream.
* DC mini was stolen
* the terrorist planted a dream into the chief’s brain which cause him to hurt himself.
* a parade dream

middle :
* all dreams started to merge
* Dr. Tokitka risks his brain to use the DC mini and talk to his friend hemiero
* Dr Chiba realizes that she is trapped in a dream within a dream inside the Chairman illusion.
* Osonai betrayed Paprika wakes as a butterfly pinned to a table.
* she was saved by Mr. Konakawa who killed Osonai

* dreams and reality got merged and Japanese doll was following the Cheif and Dr. Chiba .
* The dream parade is running amok in the city
* Dr Chiba realizes Paprika is just her repressing herself
* she care for overweight otaku assistant
* Chairman also returns in the form of a living nightmare, reveals his twisted dreams and threatens to darken the world with his delusions.
* Chiba was able to consume the Chairman’s dream.


Type2 Project 1


Asmahan Bread , Specially packed for gulf countries. In a time were people strive for sustainability Asmahan bread package was designed from recyclable materials. The package have a sustainable authentic look to remind people of the nostalgic past . The colors in the package matches the style of packages you see in the Souq , but wisely designed and more sophisticated. Inside the package, Our story. It’s designed to introduce to people the background story of the bread. also,  a gift awaits for you ! Individual Images you find in each package that shows different parts of Yemen.

Type : Poster Project Final Reflection

so i learned a lot through this class and if you scroll down 3 posts you will read my reflection about type ( Because I added good stuff after you graded me ) and because I don’t how to write the same thing but paraphrasing it . I’m joking I will think of something else to say . Hmmm

well the first time I heard that I’m going to take type class I was like it’s going to be boring and why , why would I need to learn Type ? however, Type became one of my favorite classes . the class made me appreciate Type and think more about type . even though I hate reading I think now I will get more into reading , because I feel like type gave me the opportunity to see beyond the text , trying to understand the designer intention through his compositions . It felt like now Type became part of me and something I could relate too .. If I saw a bad type and I remember my earliest experiments with Type .

Due to the fact that we will have to deal with type for the rest of our lives I had to like it you know .

it’s interesting how I used to feel like there is something wrong with type around me ,  In the Road and such , how it pollute my eyes but I was not able to Identify the reasons . Now I’m glad that I could Identify the reasons why it bothers me.

this class taught us a lot about Type , how it’s Olive , and things from Identifying Errors in Type and things we are not suppose to do , to mastering making something and taught me  a lot about ourselves . Also it’s fascinating how placing text techniques can reflect your commitment . This class pushed me to always try to do my best and  be that kind of person who develop himself by himself.

Ps : craft part is kind of missed up , but don’t think I was careless about it 😦 It was hard to cut a very dark poster in a glossy paper that shines and you can’t see properly . I kept cutting from all the sides and my poster now is a bit smaller because of that .

MandP deconstruction : Final

Monday : bothiana added the final touches on the evidence wall . and I searched for the music we kept  practicing and around 1:30 I decided to break the mug of course everyone was like it’s not that big deal , also it’s not my mug or one of the members . but I insisted and said I can’t not do it ( it was in my mind the whole time like it’s enough that guuders fall from a very narrow window , also you want me to be okay with leaving the mug the way it was ? xDDDD

I asked Maha permission and she said it has no value to her and it’s completely fine to break . ( definitely I will get her another one ) . however the group enjoyed that moment .

for the costume outfit : since we are acting , I argued about making the group wear police stuff , but because we supposed to be local police everyone said we don’t have to. even me inspector sheikah I could stay with my abaya .  I didn’t want to wear sherlock hat over my hijab because I will look stupid . and I didn’t want to hold the magnifier either so I could move fluently and touch stuff during the act. but I really wanted to wear a costume 😦 and I  kept thinking about that a lot . I want to wear my sister fancy cabe but she refused anyway .. and I wanted to wear my brother’s jacket but then how would this work for Local lady .. Man I got confused but I brought random stuff with me in the due date , shoes cabe that I designed last year for time studio and the hat .. I was glad to see that amal stitched stars to show that she was the boss of the policemen .

and when I saw the german group was wearing weird stuff I was like WHY NOT ? if me wearing un local out fit for a local character was a problem . there are other things that were missed up in the plot ( I mean the things that seemed not logical to me :/ ) why I don’t wear this weird custom that I came up with and not laugh about it ? and make everyone laugh too with wearing weird socks 🙂 Hehhe right ?

Final :

file_001 file_002



I didn’t enjoy the project tell the due date . my acting was funny and I missed up some lines but I was happy that the students were laughing but they made me laugh as well -_- ..

The one problem was the space of the installation , if they were few the it would be a lot better , the short people

I was glad to see that most of the student said that they felt like they were part from the story , they listened carefully to the act , and how they liked the atmosphere . I was glad that they liked our concept and the way we represented it 🙂 .

the reason why I wrote our group and I deserve the grade I wrote . because I felt like the project has a lot of potential . I had an Idea in mind that unfortunately thought about 2 days before the deadline . it was while acting we do certain things that people might not notice easily like bothiana is not wearing a glasses but then suddenly she wears it . or me wearing to different socks and then tell the student while they are focusing in our play we did things that they didn’t notice . I have seen something like that along time ago about a company that produced films and how they put obvious things that no one noticed . I told my sister about this Idea and they said it’s very smart Idea I thought this will let the student’s interacts even more . but I had to do a lot of thinking and I knew I can’t do it myself . so I informed the group about this Idea and they liked it but they also didn’t share any thoughts about it . so I just told them to forget about it and I don’t blame them because it came to my brain in a wrong time.

as what Law said in Type class right now  commutation is hard . yes it is .  it’s  hard to think of method to communicate the audience and what was harder is communicating with the group . I learned that everyone is drastically different , sometimes I feel like what they are doing is wrong but they are probably mirrors of me as well .

MandP : Deconstruction process 5


through the week after I filmed the victim . we were working on the dialog and that where we spent most of our time working on .. In this part I’m useless without them I can’t write dialogs myself It will take me a whole week .. another problem is that none of my group members stay for a long time Bothiana worked a lot with it because she was translator as well as the writer of the details but the work is never done . I have to be there if I want to get done from the dialog .

The members also can’t stay for a long time in university so I decided to meet them on Saturday to finally make sure that’s the script we want + changing the place + and practicing dialog ! actually we started acting before that but we kept changing the dialogs .

so everyone agreed that we would meet and only work for MandP

Samia brought the files and arranged them with Amal , and they wrote the students names in order . she also helped me with making the spill without damaging the wall .

file_001 file_002

we tried to project the victim video , also at that day we had to fill the evidence wall because it was empty


the only thing was hanged was the fingerprints I worked on and I was waiting for the rest to do what he was suppose to do . Amal wrote the to do list . the wall was done eventually but these things just freak me out .


the thing that mad me upset was in the time I designed for the group to do MandP only they worked for something else and there excuse was they were late on other subject .. I got mad and I informed them about this because even myself I was late on other project and still xD .. I’m still writing the process too Lol .

because when someone breaks a system in my brain that we should finish this and that , I collapse.  I can’t ignore and be like well I will continue writing my process while they finish their thing . I just sit and I look at the ceiling , waiting for the stress to stress me .

however , later the girls had to leave . I stayed more and I arranged  some stuff .


sometimes staying alone ( not the times when you feel swollen ) makes you think better away from the noisy .. so whenever I look at the office I feel like it’s missing something , the victim personality .. I wanted a painting to hang it in the wall .. I wanted some books on the sides I thought of adding action figures or something just to show that she was Leland ex-wife Hehe .. but I didn’t know how would an OCD person would arrange his office . I asked the juniors and seniors if they know someone who is OCD and they told me about Abdulraham the material library guy and on sunday the day before the due date I showed him the room and he I listened to his advise .

that OCD people don’t like crowded stuff even if they are arranged , their offices would look empty compared to others somehow . I felt good because I didn’t see our effort that would make the class be like Woow big difference but since that’s how things work with OCD people , I felt released ..

Group Work

Next day finally bothiana finished this paper ..

Amal printed the divorce papers and samia printed the school platform ..

bothiana had to tape the floor because she knows how to do it , however, I went with her and I offered my help as well.

And thank god I insisted on taping the floor on sunday ! because we wouldn’t be able to do it monday the interior design professor would killed us . I told her to start taping the floor around the time and I went with her to offer help as well and filmed her for her process.

yet we didn’t properly practice the acting , and who would be so stress and dying about that other than me ? not just because I wanted everything to look perfect but because I’m not good on speaking the language fluently if they had to read it and then say something similar to it . I had to MEMORIZE because I can’t think of something similar .

we took enough photos and we taped the chairs around the dead body and I kept them ( we weren’t suppose to do that but I said lets give it a shot , however, they took off everything hehehehe)

I printed the images and finally the evidence wall was done ..

Mandy : Deconstruction process 4


next time we met we added the dialog , I was telling my thoughts to bothiana and she was translating them + she was participating in also creating new dialogs . I suggested adding habits to the character such as she do a specific thing at a certain time each day , and from that Idea bothiana made the victim an OCD person . and that’s how we slowly build up our plot story I go against it so bothiana give enough reasons that makes feel that’s Okay .

Ps: It’s good that from time to time everyone was reminding me that nothing is Real and that’s not an actual crime scene , because each day I reach the moment where I’m about to swallow myself .


Later I wanted to create an Image of professor Gunders , so they could feel that there is a person who actually got killed . I wanted to show that the security camera was taking footage of the victim but because my brain has to think of it in a logical way I said that mean it will capture the killer as well and that mean I need to dress up like Aaqifa ! but then I kept convincing myself that Aaqifa just like any student will visit her professor during the office hours from 2 to 4 so its fine if she appeared in the footages . she would wait and go to the office by the time professor gunders is not around she will add some drugs to the sugar. but my friends told that IT’S NOT REAL  and It’s not even that important . so I agreed on that , but when I went home I Knew that if I didn’t do it I would feel sad . because my brain manipulated my thoughts and showed me how it would be nice to have a projected video of the victim during the installation . even if It was just there as background still It would add action .


img_7844 img_7845

I informed the group about my decision , after I already searched for a student to act for me .

On sunday , I ignored DT class to film for MandP :p well the student was free at 4 only on sunday and I wanted it at 4 because you know the she drinks coffee at 4:00 every day 🙂 . I asked to bring 3 shirts to represent different days . one of my group was supposed to make it in one video it not hard to make , I didn’t want to do that too .

It’s these times where I feel alone and no one would challenge my Ideas..

Later I told the group that I want to tape the dead body in the first floor as well , but they were saying that we it’s not that important either I could just climb the chair and say ‘ Such a nasty fall without the need of seeing the orange tape ‘  and it’s too late to actually book that area in saffron hole.  but you know what ? I couldn’t stop feeling that our work is done , it’s never done so I insisted and I took the group with me and went to Isabella I asked her permission without signing any sheets we explained that it’s just a tape on the floor and she said as long as it’s something flat than it’s okay because next to us would the interior design installation . because even if the whole class is not able to see the dead body from my view they could pass by the saffron hole and see it . and if the interior people decided to take it off still we would have something to show in the evidence wall .

I waited for one week because the member didn’t edit the video , so I edited myself.

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-10-27-58-pm screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-11-30-27-pm

Type Poster project 2

I printed my poster three times and the first time that’s what happened


when I added the crop marks , it printed till 201 and cutted the rest  however this poster students saw it and questioned about the tilted paragraph when they saw it in a bigger scale.  the tilted paragraph D: was a scariest risk that I took in this year . and to make matters worse most of the students didn’t like it . you know they were acting like professional people Oh this part bothers my eyes Bla bla .  no I’m joking I would probably say the same thing if someone else did it , and thankfully I’m not dump xDDD .

this risk was really something unusual to me ..

so because more than 4 students questioned that I was really concerned about my poster . I didn’t care about the grades or my professors opinion .. I mean one girl said do what they asked you to do in the end they are the ones who will grade you . that’s true but at the same time I couldn’t imagine people passing by my poster and be like this part is so annoying regardless if they don’t understand my informed decisions . I don’t want the audience to hate my work that I like a lot . but my professor response helped me a lot .

the tilted paragraph could caught attention to the poster and brings a lot of questions . it’s really interesting how one small object was able to change a position of text . it’s very fascinating I could use it in the future when I teach my students and let them easily figure out the hidden Axes that I couldn’t see in the beginning .

the second time I printed it , the size was perfect but the colors were different than the original image plus I compared it with the previous one .

so i just reprinted it and now I’m suffering to cut the white edges